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The conversation between Ellsberg and Snowden ran almost an hour and a half, and sometimes devolved into mutual admiration. Snowden insisted that the two were not so different. People forget about the fact that you were in the garage with a Xerox machine. You know, a copy machine might not seem like a killer app to a lot of people, but that enabled you to get this back to the public. The magazine—which started as a three-page leaflet sent out in the mail, and became a digest-sized publication in the late nineteen-eighties—just celebrated its thirtieth anniversary.

It still arrives with the turning of the seasons, in brown envelopes just a bit smaller than a k mailer. After lampooning one of the leaked N. They were places where people shared information before the advent of the World Wide Web. Goldstein would dial into them to learn more about people exploring phone systems and mainframe computers. He cited examples of pieces by hackers in India, Russia, and even Antarctica.

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The movie, in which a teen-aged Matthew Broderick hacks into a government computer and almost starts a thermonuclear war with the U. When the hackers Bernie S who is now one of the H. But their victory was somewhat pyrrhic; DeCSS is still widely available online.

Annual Scholarship Donations Each year the following corporations and foundations support Nazareth College students with gifts of scholarship. Their generous contributions help us prepare students to have meaningful careers and lead active, informed, engaged lives as contributing members of our society. The Chatlos Foundation, Inc. Park, who joined the cast of the soap in , is currently starring with Daniel Radcliffe in the Broadway revival of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying see page Allocco is a composer, conductor, music producer, and director whose career spans television, film, and theater.

Check out a interview with Allocco at go. Bell, holds the Daytime Emmy received this year for their musical work on The Bold and the Beautiful. For more information on giving options, visit go. Attending the College at age thirty in , I worked in the admissions office, eventually helping to recruit students. Nazareth showed great faith in me, and I am pleased to reciprocate by giving to its future. Commitment to the future Learn how you can make a lasting difference through your will by visiting. What is planned giving? When you include the College in your future plans through creating a life income gift such as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust, or by naming Nazareth as a beneficiary of your will, retirement plan, or life insurance policy.

What is the Founders Society? A planned giving recognition society whose members are crucial to advancing the long-term goals of Nazareth. The College honors members each year at a luncheon. Throughout the year, members receive special invitations to attend Nazareth events as well as recognition in our annual report.

The team is affiliated with the Ministry of Magic, a new campus club devoted to exploring the magical world of Harry Potter. Both have beautiful grounds, four distinct academic divisions, and a nearby village watering hole. And both institutions offer students the opportunity to pursue their special interests with other likeminded students on campus.

Often these students will take the initiative and form a new club. This annual intercollegiate sporting event features teams vying for the coveted position of best Quidditch team. In the spirit of giving, the Center for Spirituality, the nursing department, and the campus safety department at Nazareth College once again sponsored basket collections for the Thanksgiving holiday. The baskets each contained the makings of a holiday dinner, from turkey to pie filling, and benefited Rochester families in need through the Dimitri House and Easter Seals.

People also helped in other ways, such as helping to organize and deliver food baskets.

2600 Magazine: The Hacker Quarterly - Winter 2010-2011

Finally, U. The display featured 50 large portraits of international and local master artists, from the Renaissance to contemporary art. The large format portraits used creative compositions to show each artist with a representation of his or her artwork, such as this image of Nazareth College professor Ron Netsky with one of his works. Accorso received a degree in studio art and taught for 20 years at Wheatland-Chili High School. He lives in Rochester with his wife and three daughters.

Henrietta—are all clamoring for ducation is a competimore fellows than are available, tive field, and for recent and more districts have asked to graduates, landing that be included, says Dunn. Students comin the Penfield School District, a teaching fellow program collaborator; into practice, and essentially plete a one-year intensive study Dr. That selectivity has made the prosustainable part of an ongoing program while maintaining the highly gram very competitive.

, The Hacker Quarterly - Volume 21, Number 3

Participation by school districts in the pilot program has been For more on inclusive childhood education, visit go. Mowder-Tinney, P. I had made my own version with duct tape and a pole and it worked pretty well. But I thought we might be able to construct one that would be even better. Not to be deterred, the students went back to work on it—and on a variety of other projects as well.

The RIT team, composed of electrical, mechanical, industrial, and computer engineering students, have worked on a balance tower with interactive features that renders balance improvement exercise more stimulating, a balance training bicycle that will help patients relearn cycling, a tool for raising and lowering parallel bars that are used in physical therapy, and a portable obstacle course.

Mowder-Tinney and Dr. Sara Gombatto, both assistant professors of physical therapy. This kind of collaboration spells opportunities for all who are involved and for the community at large. In short, it is a really good design. For information on the PT program, visit go. Mackenzie Gotshall. Graduate programs are represented by alumni who speak to the outcomes of their degrees. The videos communicate the strengths of our programs and add dimension to what we do.

Links to the videos appear in venues. He plans to add more videos to the channel each year. Robyn Rime is the editor of Connections.

In September , Nazareth participated in the Frederick Douglass International Underground Railroad Conference, which featured the union of academics, civic engagement, service learning, and national scholarship. The Nazareth delegation comprising faculty, students, and community experts unveiled the Underground Railroad North Star Project, a portable exhibition of 10 eight-by-three-foot museumquality panels describing the work of abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass, Harriett Tubman, and others.

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The center fosters relationships among colleges and universities, museums and cultural centers, kindergarten through grade 12 educators, libraries, and governmental institutions at the local, state, and national levels. These relationships provide Nazareth students with access to historical sites, documents, and artifacts as well as opportunities to use their skills and knowledge as academic historians. The students work to recover, preserve, and promote the shared history of, for example, the African-American community in Rochester, N. The students there wrote scripts based on the North Star Project museum panels and then performed the stories in costume. The connection between academic, experiential, and community knowledge has long been a tradition at Nazareth.

The center continues that tradition by partnering with a variety of groups and organizations. Beyond the existing partnerships, Kneeland hopes that the center will be recognized and used as a resource by the broader community. Furthermore, the center is embracing public history education by way of social media. It recently launched a Facebook page, which can be found by searching for Center for Public History at Nazareth College. The page features updated content, links, photos, and videos.

History may not be escapable, but the Center for Public History is nonetheless helping to strengthen the connection between history and memory, cultures and peoples, Nazareth College and the community. For more information about upcoming Center for Public History events, visit go. Jones, of Corning, N.