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Gail also makes an appearance in the novel Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants , where it is revealed that she is dating an accountant. When her husband Douglas died, she was left to raise her daughters alone. She visits Sharona in " Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater ", just when Gail is framed for murder. She then begs Monk to take the case, which he eventually does, though reluctantly.

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She also tells her she is dating a stockbroker and that Benjy is on the honor roll. Linda Salvato Fusco Sharon Lawrence is Captain Stottlemeyer 's girlfriend and a real estate dealer during season five and the beginning of the season six. She first appears " Mr. Monk, Private Eye ", when she hires Monk and Natalie to investigate damages done to her signature Buick Lucerne at the marina done by someone who left a threatening note on the car afterwards.

The investigation eventually leads them to a local doctor named Jay Bennett Fred Weller , who had hit Linda's car while driving from the marina after killing his girlfriend Anna Pollard out in the bay. At one point during the investigation, Linda drops by Monk and Natalie's new office while they are talking with Stottlemeyer and Disher. Unlike Karen, Linda unashamedly presents herself to Stottlemeyer, Monk and Natalie as a very confident and calculating woman who will not be intimidated by anyone.

Before Stottlemeyer can even formally introduce himself, she instantly recognizes Stottlemeyer as a divorcee replying "I've been in the real estate business for fourteen years and I can smell divorce from a hundred feet away Stottlemeyer is immediately impressed by Linda's crisp, cool demeanor. Sparks fly between the two, and by the end, she has set him up with a new apartment across the street from her own. Linda and Stottlemeyer continue to see one another, but their dates are often interrupted, postponed, or canceled as a result of Stottlemeyer's duties.

For instance, in the episode " Mr.

Monk and His Biggest Fan ", Linda resorts to bidding on a date with Stottlemeyer at a bachelor auction just to get him alone as Marci Maven resorts to bidding on a date with Monk. However, their date is interrupted when Stottlemeyer realizes that John Ringel is a murder suspect and framed Marci's dead dog. Before he leaves, however, Linda off-handedly remarks: "What's a girl gotta do to get your attention? Kill someone? They are planning on going to Hawaii. However, just before they leave for Hawaii, Linda's former business partner Sean Corcoran is shot dead by a shotgun-wielding intruder in front of a married couple during an open house tour.

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Monk and Natalie are sent to Marin County to investigate, where Monk determines that the shooter had a house key. When Monk and Natalie talk to Linda at her office, they come to the shocking conclusion that she is the killer, after Monk realizes that Linda has a strong motive her victim was planning on starting his own real estate agency and taking many of their clients with him , she knows how to use a shotgun as he notices a photo of a younger Linda with her deceased grandfather on a hunting trip, carrying a 12 gauge shotgun , she is 5'7" the killer's height as described by the two eyewitnesses , she has a house key, and she wears the very shade of lipstick one witness remembered the shooter as wearing.

Although Monk and Natalie believe Linda is the shooter, there is just one problem: they and Stottlemeyer happen to be Linda's alibi for the murder, and Linda was chatting to them via webcam up until 20 minutes before the shooting.

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When Monk and Natalie try approaching Randy for an idea, Randy is skeptical because there is no reasonable way for Linda to go This is confirmed when Monk and Natalie time the route on a motorcycle and it takes them an hour to travel the route. After the ride, Monk is about to feel relieved that Linda could not have done it Monk and Natalie attempt to break the bad news to Stottlemeyer, but he refuses to be convinced, thinking Monk is being motivated out of pure jealousy, forgetting that Monk is always right when it comes to accusing someone of murder.

Natalie tries to help convince him, but Stottlemeyer refuses to listen to another word. Fuming, he tells them "I'm gonna do you a favor Monk comes to the conclusion that there is a chance that evidence incriminating Linda might be at her house. So he can search it, he has Natalie lure Linda away from her house on the pretense of looking at an apartment, while he searches it.

Monk finds a form for a rental truck on a table in the front hallway, and a barrel cleaner and bottle of gun oil stashed in Linda's closet, but Linda comes home while he is searching, having been tipped off, and she attempts to seduce Monk. It fails, as Monk is next seen bolting of the house, bug-eyed, jumps into Natalie's car, and they quickly take off. During a luau-themed sendoff party at the police station, Stottlemeyer and Linda dance with each other. Still believing Monk to be wrong about his suspicions toward Linda, he asks her about whether she has seen Monk.

At once, Linda confesses plainly about Monk searching her house for evidence, but then she tells him in a nervously hushed voice that Monk made an advance at her and threatened to sleep with her.

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Stottlemeyer, having known Monk longer than Linda has and aware of Adrian's unwavering devotion to Trudy, instinctively realizes that she is lying. Monk and Natalie catch Linda through a sting operation. Natalie crashes the party, sneaks into Stottlemeyer's office, and turns on the webcam.

She then summons everyone into the office, to show Monk apparently talking to them from Linda's bedroom. Monk turns on some Hawaiian music on the stereo, at which point Linda turns off the camera, exasperated. However, Natalie opens the window to reveal that the music is still playing. Everyone traces the sound of the music downstairs to an impounded rental truck that was towed from Linda's street the day after the murder.

Stottlemeyer then pushes up the rear door to find Monk sitting in a recreation of Linda's bedroom, that she had used for her alibi. Monk explains that he discovered how Linda forged her alibi when he remembered that during their video call just before the shooting, she put a pen down on the table next to her chair and it rolled away, but when he was in her real bedroom searching her house, he tried the same thing with his own pen, but it did not roll, leading him to conclude that Linda parked the truck on a hill. Linda is arrested, and Stottlemeyer is left asking himself if the relationship was real or merely something that she had planned from the beginning so she could have a perfect alibi for the murder.

At the end of the episode, he tosses something into the ocean. When Randy asks him what he just threw, Stottlemeyer replies "It's just a rock," suggesting that he was going to propose to Linda while in Hawaii. He appears in the episodes " Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect " and " Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf ". Monk and the Sleeping Suspect ", he shows up at Sharona's house for Benjy's birthday, seemingly a "different man.

She later discovers, however, that he got plane tickets to Detroit , where his rich uncle lives. Trevor admits to her that his reason for wanting to get back together with her was because his rich uncle had cut him off when he got divorced, and he wanted to get back together so that he would have access to his fortune. In his second appearance in the season three episode " Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf ", Sharona asks Trevor to take Benjy when she becomes afraid she is losing her sanity, and hence crying wolf.

Monk and the Red Herring ", it is revealed that he has remarried Sharona. In the episode "Mr. Monk and Sharona", though, Sharona reveals that they have broken up for good. Trevor also reappears in the novel Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants , having been framed for murder by the Los Angeles Police Department 's private consultant Ian Ludlow, who frames five other people in addition to Natalie and Sharona for the murders he commits so that he can write his novels and meet his deadlines.

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Trudy "T. She initially appears in a three-episode story arc beginning with "Happy Birthday, Mr. She works for a magazine similar to Consumer Reports and is covering the debut of the new LaserVac self-cleaning vacuum. Throughout the episode, Leland tries to figure out what her nickname T.

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Monk is the Best Man", she is proposed to by Stottlemeyer after they have been dating for six months. While trying to deal with the investigation into the murder of wanted ecoterrorist Martin Kettering, Leland finds himself in trouble when someone starts making threats against him and T. The stalker first breaks into and ransacks Leland's apartment, then uses a voice scrambler and calls T. Monk eventually discovers that the attacks are the work of T. While fleeing the scene, a police car pulled her over for speeding and Stephanie was forced to hide the pistol she used inside Leland's tuxedo bag.

It happened to be her third speeding offense, meaning that she got arrested and the car was impounded, so the threats against Leland were Stephanie getting increasingly desperate, trying to get the pistol back before Leland found it. Monk is shown to have been fine with T. Karen Stottlemeyer Glenne Headly is Leland's environmentally conscious wife during the first four seasons and the mother of their two children, Jared and Max.

She spends much of her time filming unscripted documentaries. Karen first appeared in " Mr.

The episode also establishes that their marriage is not necessarily stable, to such an extent that when Randy informs Leland that Karen wants to see him, Leland panics and has Randy keep her occupied while he gets his office reorganized hanging a dreamcatcher from his lamp, hiding some of his personal junk, and installing a waterfall that he fills with coffee. Karen is also strongly against the use of guns. Monk and the Very Very Old Man", she gasps and is visibly uncomfortable when Randy tries distracting her by showing her his pistol.

Additionally, she is under the impression that Leland never uses a gun forcing Leland to hide his pistol in a desk drawer whenever she visits him at the office.