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Physical-based loyalty programs are typically cards that can be used at a business. The customer brings their card to the business and gets it marked when they make a purchase, eventually accumulating enough points to receive a free item or discount.

Digital loyalty programs exist on devices or within apps, and have a larger variety of reward types. There are pros and cons to both types of programs. Pros Cards are familiar, easy to carry, and have a low barrier to entry. Your customers have likely owned some in the past and are familiar with how they work.

Cons Paper cards are easy to lose or forget, and because this type of reward is popular, your customers will likely have many different cards to maintain.

Coupons as an instrument for manufacturers of consumer goods to achieve customer loyalty

Also, cards limit reward variety because the customer only has one type of choice for their reward. Pros Unlike physical punch cards, digital loyalty programs provide a variety of rewards. Apps can hold and organize a lot more information than paper cards, enabling you to promote a variety of ways to earn points, and giving customers more reward options to redeem. Cons People have many apps on their phones, and your app could get lost among a sea of other apps. However, push notifications can keep your business top of mind. Customer loyalty programs are effective tools to both attract new customers and encourage repeat customers.

The most recent statistics show that acquiring a new customer can be 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining a current customer, and many consumers cite the presence of a loyalty program as one of the major reasons that they would consider a given brand. Customer loyalty programs are also successful avenues for retaining customers. More than half of consumers reported that they will stay with a brand that they like. Customer loyalty programs have seen a steady growth in the past 10 years, with membership growing from 3. Not only are consumers willing to sign up for rewards programs, but many are actively seeking the benefits and perks of customer loyalty.

Loyalty programs tend to attract customers who are either loyal to brands or trying to find the best deals possible. There are many ways to appeal to these types of customers through a variety of loyalty programs.

The following guiding principles can help you create a successful customer loyalty program. Ask for the Right Information While customers can be extremely motivated by discounts and rewards, sometimes giving up a large amount of personally identifiable data can make them opt out.

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When setting up a customer loyalty program, ask for only basic information, such as name, email, or address, and avoid asking for any information that might be deemed unnecessary, such as a social security number. Make Your Offers Simple and Consistent Complicated customer loyalty systems generally confuse customers and make them less likely to sign up or continue using your program.

To ensure your discounts and rewards are successful, keep your system extremely basic and keep everything transparent and consistent help to avoid any misunderstandings. Make Your Offers Exclusive Offering general customer loyalty programs can be very effective, but you can take it one step further by offering rewards to specific markets, like teachers, students, the military, or even your VIPs.

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Creating a successful customer loyalty program can be challenging, but asking for the right information, creating simple and consistent offers, and providing exclusive deals to target consumer groups will put you ahead of the competition and yield highly beneficial results. Eligibility verification is a great way to make sure that your exclusive offers are only applied to the shopping cart of customers who truly qualify, in turn helping you to personalize your customer loyalty program like never before. SheerID helps leading brands like Amazon, Spotify, and T-Mobile use gated, exclusive offers to capture and retain high-value customers from lucrative segments such as students, teachers, and the military.

Learn how you can use gated offers to increase conversions by 3x and deliver ROAS as high as Contact Us.

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Understanding Customer Loyalty Programs. Posted at h in Learning by Team Ercule Share. What are customer loyalty programs? Most brands today are implementing customer loyalty programs, because adding a customer loyalty program has been shown to have many benefits, including: Boosting sales. Customers are tempted to spend more money when they have incentives to earn rewards or discounts. Ahold consistently uses variable campaigns to look for key areas of opportunity.

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  • 1. Encourage repeat purchases by offering discounts on the next purchase!

The offers could be dollars off total baskets or in a particular category where they know the consumer likes to spend. Test says it is carefully aligned with key performance indicators to produce a measurable ROI. Simon says the ability to deliver relevant and valuable coupons based on shopper preferences can spark repeat visits and loyalty. Targeted coupons can not only increase loyalty but entice shoppers to consider more products.

Even top shoppers who account for 80 percent of all store purchases buy just 1 percent of available products. Test says every relationship with a retailer starts with clearly defining its goals at the beginning of the program. Most retailers measure the success of their campaigns through ROI and by meeting their targeted goals. While those goals are sometimes to solve problems, they often use the data to find untapped opportunities. In one example, Test says a retailer may learn that a regular shopper buys formula and baby food but not diapers. That retailer may then be able to offer coupons and tweak the offer to entice the customer to increase their spending at the store in that particular category.

NRF | Ahold increases loyalty and basket size with personalized coupons

While paper coupons remain popular, Catalina can use the same data to deliver coupons digitally to the smartphones of loyalty program customers. It can integrate with any app, website or digital channel to offer personalized mobile coupons from a pool of thousands of manufacturer-funded offers and promotions. Ahold validates success in a variety of ways including incremental sales, trial rate, repeat rate and growth of basket size. On other occasions, performance indicators can cover things like driving top line sales and getting customers to try new products.