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Social and organizational learning in the adaptation to the process of climate change: The case of a Brazilian thermoplastic resins and petrochemical company. Organizational learning and job satisfaction of trainee auditors: a case study of Chinese CPA firms. Drivers of thoroughness of NPD tool use in small high-tech firms. A conceptual model of knowledge dynamics in the industry 4. Tapping into agglomeration benefits by engaging in a community of practice. Developing scientists as champions of diversity to transform the geosciences. Examining the drivers of employee brand understanding: a longitudinal study.

Cultivating sustainable communities of practice within hierarchical bureaucracies. The mediating role of artifacts in position practice at work: Examples from a project-based context. Knowledge as a driver of dynamic capabilities and learning outcomes. Designing for institutional transformation: Six principles for department-level interventions. Jack of all, master of all? CEO generalist experience and firm performance.

Novel and practical idea generation. Inter-organisational knowledge networks: synthesising dialectic tensions of university-industry knowledge discovery. Understanding control in communities of practice: Constructive disobedience in a high-tech firm. Reconceptualising professional learning through knowing-in-practice: a case study of a coaches high performance centre. Mapping a strong school culture and linking it to sustainable school improvement.

When age does not harm innovative behavior and perceptions of competence: Testing interdepartmental collaboration as a social buffer.

Systematic community of Practice activities evaluation through Natural Language Processing: application to research projects. Emergent coordination and situated learning in a Hybrid OR: The mixed blessing of using radiation. Expanding options: Supporting skills transfer from a post-graduate osteopathy program to clinical practice. Knowledge exchange and ethnic networks of clustered small-scale enterprises in Africa: A case study of furniture cluster in Tanzania. Bridging the Cultural Gap in the Global Workplace. Innovating and optimizing in public organizations: does more become less?

Learner participation profiles in an asynchronous online collaboration context. A Postdigital Perspective on Organisations. Ambidextrous practices in public service organizations: innovation and optimization tensions in Dutch water authorities. How to emerge stronger: Antecedents and consequences of organizational resilience. Learning and Everyday Life. Learning to become an academic in an SME. Human capital: the link between leadership and organizational learning. Effects of organizational learning on performance: the moderating roles of trust in leaders and organizational justice.

Understanding narrative effects. Innotin game supporting collective creativity in innovation activities. The links between French school of foresight and organizational learning: An assessment of developments in the last ten years.

A Canadian Discourse, Volume III

Analyzing the change in knowledge sharing efficiency of knowledge networks: a case study. Occupying whateverland: Journeys to museums in the Baltic. World Ordering. A network view of entrepreneurial cognition in corporate entrepreneurship contexts.

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Challenges with mission, vision, and change in a school: a faction analysis. Entrepreneurial learning in practice: The impact of knowledge transfer. Quality of Research Practice — An interdisciplinary face validity evaluation of a quality model. Deskilling in cultural industries: Corporatization, standardization and the erosion of creativity at the Cirque du Soleil. A Complex Systems Approach. A theoretical model of values and behaviors that shape technology region emergence in developing contexts. From What to Where: A setting-sensitive approach to organizational storytelling. Knowledge sharing and accumulation dynamics in autonomous online consumer communities: Individual and collective levels.

Contribution of knowing in practice to dynamic capabilities. Collaborative innovation in the public sector: the argument.


Craft Perception and Practice: A Canadian Discourse

Wildfire forecasting: between criminal act and unintentional events. Applying Theory to Inform Capability Development. Orchestration of globally distributed knowledge within multinational companies network: A collaborative-oriented view. Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The optimal feasible knowledge transfer path in a knowledge creation driven team. Digital innovation: A review and synthesis. Collaborative Learning Strategies in Organizations. Hauptsache neu?

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Lernen als Dauerveranstaltung? Zum Wandel des Umgangs mit Wissen in Organisationen. The governance of platform development processes: A metaphor and a simulation model. Digitization and Intangible Assets in Manufacturing Industries. Closing the Gap. Lessons From the Private Sector.

Knowledge, Practice, and Workplace Learning. Ontological Expansion. Christoph Riedl , Victor P. Simple rules for evidence translation in complex systems: A qualitative study. Individual and organizational learning from inter-firm knowledge sharing: A framework integrating inter-firm and intra-firm knowledge sharing and learning.

Leadership and innovation within a complex adaptive system: Public libraries.

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A model for assessing the impact of sustainable supplier selection on the performance of service supply chains. In direct breach of managerial edicts: a practice approach to creative deviance in professional service firms.

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Community of Practice: A flexible construct for understanding SME networking roles in the Irish artisan cheese sector. The Islamic State in Britain. Balancing modularity and solution space freedom: effects on organisational learning and sustainable innovation. The Development of Professional Identity.

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