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Other chapters go into a more speculative realm or both scientific and speculative where for instance, it discusses how Giant Larvaceans filter microplastics from the deep sea and asks how we can be inspired to design our clothing and architectures differently, based on these mucus structures that the Larvaceans build. Another chapter looks at Plastiglomerate and parallels with the Hawaiian goddess Pele — and imagines how there can be spirituality within the new techno-geological layer of earth entangled with more ancient spiritualities and mythologies.

Schlosspost: The project aims to create a space for ritual healing, while transforming the poisoning of earth into material rituals for rebirth and renewal. TR: I think of the process of heating, cooking, and cooling the bioplastics as part of a ritual. We are engaged in the process of their creation and in doing so, are in doing so are creating rituals of active making; ritual material activisms. Creating with intention is important. They could include:.

Creating Rituals: A New Way of Healing for Everyday Life

What hybrid forms can we evolve into, and become-with, including with our technologies? Schlosspost: How does the project refer to current discussions about climate change, experiments in gene editing, and future permutations of existence on our planet? And what role does the climate change debate play within the context of your research and this project?

TR: This project is inherently environmental and related to climate change, as the creation of petrochemically based materials create massive amounts of methane and CO2 that destroy our atmosphere. Therefore, creating materials out of biopolymers significantly reduces the pollutants that go into our atmosphere. Also, all of the materials our compostable — unlike polyethylene and polypropylene-based materials.

As far as research is concerned, this project involves looking for methods of multispecies collaboration for bioremediation to someday incorporate into our built environment through speculative imagining and storytelling. I think of the cookbook itself as a living organism that will grow and expand over time. Schlosspost: The Cookbook follows the principles of open knowledge, open access, and radical inclusivity. These concepts are crucial for an open society and to avoid monopolization of resources.

In what way do you refer to this context? TR: The mission of this project is, as I mentioned, from a strong DIY making ethos which includes the radical open sourcing of methods, processes, and protocols. Schlosspost: You are interested in our relationships to technology and how technology affects us as humans, and is changing the landscape of both our physical and digital lives. How can we use technology to envision alternate realities and futures? TR: I feel as though there are a lot of dystopian projects and science fiction that look at technology and how it will increasingly affect our lives and the environment in negative ways in the future.

Take for example Black Mirror. I feel we are already practically living out some of these stories and we need to envision other alternatives.

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Personally, I want to offer people a White Mirror or a Rainbow Mirror to look into: alternative futures that use technology, perhaps ancient technologies embedded in bacteria like what CRISPR gene editing technology is based upon, to imagine more diverse, inclusive, radically symbiotic futures.

For example, my project Cyanovisions imagines alternative narratives to the dominance over nature that cyborgian hybrid immortality offers, and posits potentials for biological hybridity and scientific spiritualities that recognize the inextricable relationship of human lifespans to those of other organisms — by merging the human body and cyanobacteria using the tools of biotechnology.

TR: I think I have answered this in a few different ways. But to add to previous statements, this project aims to create new material rituals and mythologies, in collaboration with other humans that have been sharing recipes with me, using recipes I make public, and building upon the recipes and stories in this book — to refigure our material relationships and eco-techno-philosophies, ultimately imagining new ways of existing in the world in collaboration with other species and with a deep cognizance of the environments we inhabit and ecologies we affect with our bodies, technologies, and built structures.

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Perhaps we are making our own tools and materials collaboratively again instead of having them made in factories overseas; we can in fact reclaim some these processes. I would like to imagine that one day every item we use or technological device can have the potential to break down — there is already planned obsolescence designed into our laptops and smartphones — why not design into them a biological clock, so they can break down and compost after five years?

It will happen over geological time anyway smiles. I think we are sometimes too concerned with what is possible in a human lifespan. Over geological time, our technologies will ultimately be composted. So I am not too worried.

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  7. Yes, it is a mutant world, Gaia is a hot mess, and we are a part of Gaia so we are existing deep within that. Life, our bodies, and existence is a miracle!

    How can we play and disrupt and thrive in the chaos of it all, remembering the miracle of biological life? That is the real question that you must answer with what you make and how you exist every day. Visit the Project. In the Separation Phase you engage in healing activity and are aware of entering a healing state of consciousness. In the Transition Phase, you have an awareness of being changed in the healing process. Usually the Separation Phase has two distinct phases or triggers — trauma, illness, crisis where the boundaries and routines are changed.

    You enact deliberate activities as the normal routine has been changed. You move from one form or place to another and enter a sacred healing place that is a symbolic act of breaking away. You are able to decide what is real and worthy. This requires time alone to identify things in need of healing. It is a transition or symbolic death and rebirth where you enter into an unusual state of consciousness, rehearsing new activities and a time of information gathering.

    In the Return Phase you are now more clear about your challenges and connections and enter again into your daily activities experiencing a healing state and a formal release to a new way of being. Take a few minutes to use a mini-reflection and imagery process for your self-care that is a ritual for healing. Find a comfortable place and take a breath in and out…in and out…then read the following words and then close you eyes and really feel the experiences as you remember the words:.

    We have the capacity to stop in any moment to use this innate wisdom and skill for self-care that leads to our healing. Healing includes knowing, doing, and being, and is a lifelong journey and process of bringing together aspects of oneself at deeper levels of harmony and inner knowing leading toward integration. This healing process places us in a space to face our fears, to seek and express self in its fullness where we can learn to trust life, creativity, passion, and love. Each aspect of healing has equal importance and value that leads to more complex levels of understanding and meaning.

    Dossey, B. Integral and holistic nursing: Local to global.

    Schaub, B. Dear Barbie , Thank you for this wonderful blog!! It made me so relaxed just reading about Rituals of creative healing environments and reminded me of the work I am currently doing with myself and my healing. The phases of healing make sense. The mini-reflection sessions are perfect samples to try. I will be sure to share this with my colleagues.


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    Bookstore Newsletter. Rituals for Healing: Creating Healing Environments. Find a comfortable place and take a breath in and out…in and out…then read the following words and then close you eyes and really feel the experiences as you remember the words: Let a beam of light, such as the rays of the sun, shine on you for comfort and healing. Allow yourself to experience the warmth and relaxation.