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Who Was John Jay Harper?

However, the court decision was later overturned by the ratification of the Eleventh Amendment. In , John Jay resigned from the Supreme Court bench to become the Second Governor of New York during a time of tumultuous dealings with Britain over territorial disputes. He had been in England at the time of his election, leading negotiations which would lead to the Jay Treaty. After serving as Governor for six years, Jay ran in the Presidential Election of , but only received one vote.

Disappointed by the overwhelming loss, Jay retired from public life to his farm in Westchester County, New York. He died on May 17, after a sudden stroke, in Bedford, New York. Call to order: or order pocket constitution books online.

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Mar 27, Kevin Key rated it liked it Shelves: bard-added-to-wish-list , biography , history. John Jay was instrumental in the founding of the U. He was the 1st Supreme Court Justice and aided in the Declaration of Independence, even though he did not sign it. He was from NY and a staunch federalist. He felt states should not have the rights that were granted. View all 3 comments. Jun 05, Daniel DeLappe rated it liked it. A precise history of an interesting person. A short book, but I feel I got the complete story on John jay. Nov 26, Dan Cotter rated it it was amazing.

Well worth the read. In the past sixty plus years a mountain of new knowledge about the early nation has piled up and Stahr uses it all with confidence and critical detachment. Jay had a remarkable career. He was president of the Continental Congress, commissioner to Spain and France, secretary of foreign affairs later called Secretary of State a negotiator of the treaty that won the United States its independence John Jay: Founding Father by Walter Stahr is the first biography about John Jay in over sixty years.

He was president of the Continental Congress, commissioner to Spain and France, secretary of foreign affairs later called Secretary of State a negotiator of the treaty that won the United States its independence in , one of the authors of The Federalist Papers, first chief justice of New York, first Chief justice of the Supreme Court and 2 time governor of New York. He was a very private man of unfailingly sober disposition who left his mark more in significant deeds than in memorable works and commanding decisions. Like John Marshall John Jay joined a debating club and was active in debate.

As an attorney Jay was active in negating disputes about boarder lines between the colonies. This helped him to become an excellent negotiator. Jay married Sarah Van Brugh Livingston in Sarah was a well educated woman for her day and was fluent in English and French. Unlike women of her day Sarah chose to travel to Spain and France with Jay when he was appointed the peace commissioner The U.

Crossing the Atlantic was dangerous in those days.

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Sarah gave birth to three children during their years aboard in Spain and France. Sarah was more political astute than her husband; he often sought her advise on politics. As the wife of the Nations Chief diplomat she put on elegant dinners for government and foreign dignitaries. John and Sarah wrote long letters to each other.

He often discussed government matters with her and sought her advice much as John and Abigail Adams. When he was gone on business, she managed the family domestic affairs, overseeing the purchase and sale of land, stock and directing the improvements at their property in Bedford New York. She also kept informed about the political scene in New York. Unlike many of the founding fathers Jay was a religious man.

Jay neglected the job of Chief Justice because of his work in negotiating a peace settlement with Britain. His rigid and formal nature was palatable to the English more than was Adams and Franklin. Jay vision of America was with a robust and powerful central authority was in line with Washington, Madison and Marshall but opposed by Jefferson.

The Education of John Jay | America’s Indispensable Diplomat

Jay envisioned a larger America and wasted no effort in taking the Mississippi away from Spain, France and England. Jay was an advocate of the rule of law and property rights. When Chief Justice there were only a few cases and that came toward the end of his term. Jay did set up the guidelines for the operation of the court. In those day there were only 5 Justices on the court.

The author obviously cares about his subject matter and writes in a passionate and meaningful way. Stahr is an excellent writer and writes in an easy and accessible manner. The writing and research are excellent. I now not only have a feeling for who jay was as a person but also what his place in history is. Walter B. Stahr is an international attorney also interested in the American Revolution. I had read his biography of William Henry Seward published in which I thoroughly enjoyed. I understand he is currently working on a biography of Edwin McMasters Stanton.

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  • I have been so impressed with his writing and research ability I will have to read his next book. I read this as an e-book on my Kindle app for my iPad. Nov 01, Brian rated it it was amazing Shelves: american-history-revolution. Walter Stahr provides an excellent look at this often forgotten founding father. He would be called on several occasions to serve his country and always did so with distinction.

    He was president of the Continental Congress and served at a time to help relieve the supply situation that was plaguing Washington at Valley Forge. In his career he was also sent to Spain as ou Walter Stahr provides an excellent look at this often forgotten founding father. In his career he was also sent to Spain as our ambassador and while accomplishing little there found himself in the right place at the right time to attend the peace commission with Franklin and Adams. I have read many books on the peace convention but Stahr does an excellent job of giving fascinating tidbits about the negotiations and why the positions existed. Of all the revolutionary biographies I have read this is one of the few that really goes into the intricacies of the peace process and what the major sticking points of the treaty were. It provides new and valuable insight into process and really sees the foundation for how the international system looked following the Revolution.

    Jay's service as secretary of state at times left him the sole architect of the United States future given the lack of quorum and general disagreement of congress.

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    Following the United States constitution which Jay helped to write several Federalist papers the tide would again change for Jay. John Jay would become the nations first Chief Justice and help define two unique roles of the court. The first would be as an advisor to the president on interpreting international treaties and their significance to US law.

    He would also help define the circuit riding which he thought should not be part of the courts duties. He would only leave the court to travel as a special envoy to England in order to negotiate a treaty to avoid a war in Finally retiring from the court to become governor of New York during a pivotal time as the state transformed itself. Overall his life hangs in the background of the founding fathers but without him many of their great deeds could not have been accomplished.

    This is a fascinating biography to read for those who want to see the behind the scenes activities of the American Revolution. Sep 06, Rayan rated it really liked it. Jay was born into a wealthy family of merchants and government officials in New York City. He became a lawyer and joined the New York Committee of Correspondence and organized opposition to British rule. He joined a conservative political faction that, fearing mob rule, sought to protect property rights and maintain the rule of law while resisting British violations of human rights.

    Jay served as the President of the Continental Congress —79 , an honorific position with little power. During Jay was born into a wealthy family of merchants and government officials in New York City. His major diplomatic achievement was to negotiate favorable trade terms with Great Britain in the Treaty of London of Jay, a proponent of strong, centralised government, worked to ratify the U. After the establishment of the U.

    As a leader of the new Federalist Party, Jay was the Governor of the State of New York — , where he became the state's leading opponent of slavery. His first two attempts to end slavery in New York in and failed, but a third in succeeded. The Act, a gradual emancipation he signed into law, eventually gave all slaves in New York their freedom before his death in Nov 07, Gary Milligan rated it really liked it.

    When we speak of our Founding Fathers we mention those we learn, for the most part, in school; Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Hamilton. One name that is not on our lips is John Jay, a person who was very instrumental and distinguished in our country's independence, and its legislative, executive, judical and diplomatic development.

    He was the principal author of the first constitution of New York, and a key member in writing the federal Constitution and securing its ratification. Jay ne When we speak of our Founding Fathers we mention those we learn, for the most part, in school; Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Hamilton. During Washington's term as President, Jay was chosen to negotiate the treaty which bears his name, Jay's Treaty. This treaty, highly unpopular when signed due to concessions, was soon recognized for its importance. Without it, our fledgling country might have had to fight the British again in less favorable terms than it did in He also negotiated the treaty while he served as America's first Chief Justice.

    Overall the book is a good read on a person that I wanted to know more about.

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    There are sections that I had to plow through because I don't read much on political thought and theory, but I did. After finishing the book I can now see why our Founding Fathers always recognized his remarkable skills and contributions. His name truly belongs in the same breath as Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Franklin. Jun 29, Lee rated it really liked it Shelves: history , us-history , biography-autobiography. This book tells the tale of a forgotten founding father John Jay.