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The high and low greens. The green of love of nature. The green of Altruism. The green of sympathy. The dull green of insincerity and deceit. The ruddy green of Jealousy and malice. The Blue Group. The great souls of the spiritual and religious emotions. The Brown Group. The Gray Group. Black Group. White Group. The Great White light. Chapter V. The Aura Kaleidoscope What the astral body is composed of.

Also the etheric double. The ever changing clouds of aura coloring.

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Placid scenes and furious storms of the Aura. Opalescent effects. The pearly color of the etheric substance. The Aura of mental activity. The Aura of reverie or sleep. The Aura of anger and passion.

The Aura and Death

The Aura of hate. The Aura of love. The Aura of churches, prisons, hospitals and places of vice. The Aura of character and of passing feeling. Astral atmospheres of buildings and places. Collective and composite auras. A key to some great and deep occult teachings, and esoteric mysteries. How the trained occultist is able to ascertain the character, and tendencies of a person. Chapter VI. Thought Form What a Thought Form is and what it is made of.

How Thought Forms are created. How Thought Forms travel. How Thought Forms affect persons. Why some Thought Forms are semi-living, elemental forces. Various forms and classes of Thought Forms. Full description of their character, appearance and effect. Thought Form whirls and swirls. Rotation Thought Forms. Thought Form whirlpools. Explosive Thought Forms. Thought Form bombs.

A Step by Step Guide to Reading Other People's Auras | Gaia

Octopus Thought Form. How Thought Forms are projected and why they travel.

alexacmobil.com/components/vibimiti/buh-programa-espia-whatsapp.php A wonderful study of a fascinating subject. Chapter VII. Psychic Influence of Color Action and Re-action. Effect of Color on Mental States and Emotions.

The Aura and Death

How certain tints affect persons favorably and unfavorably. The calming effect of restful greens. Depressing Grays. Angry Reds.

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Soothing Blues. Illuminating Yellows. The Psychology of Color. Healing Effect of Colors. The principles of Healing by Colors. Effect of color upon character and morals. Color in Child Life. Interesting and instructive information and teaching. Chapter VIII. Auric Magnetism Human Magnetism. The Auric Reservoir of Magnetism. Magnetic Healing, how caused and why it occurs.

Use of its hands. Flow of etheric force. New Methods of Magnetic Healing. Use of Auric Colors. Analysis and Full Explanation. Absent treatment by Auric Color Vibration. Helpful suggestion in Auric Color Healing.

How to Treat yourself and others by this method. Healing by the Great White Light. Chapter IX. Developing the Aura How to build up a strong, positive Aura. How to flood the Aura with the right vibration. How to influence the color in the Aura.

Principles of Occult Color Re-action. Self-Treatment for Character and Qualities. Effect of visualizing colors. How to get the keynote of Color vibrations. The Key of Success.