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Strategic Preaching: The Role of the Pulpit in Pastoral Leadership

But after a few failed attempts at that, I began to listen. I saw my friend lean into the heart of God. And like a thousand times before, I began to trust his sensitivity to what God was saying. God really is leading him to something new.

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Our elder board has been walking with us through this season. They love this church and are full of grace and wisdom. When Thomas recommended that they consider me as the next Senior Pastor I, again had mixed feelings. Climbing a ladder or achieving a specific role has never motivated me in ministry. Ultimately, that is what made Becky and me consider this opportunity. We love this church. And, we love the direction we are heading together.

This church is courageous, and willing to follow Jesus wherever he leads. A table where all are welcome and all of you is welcome.

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Talking with the elders, I saw that our hearts were aligned. When they invited me into the role of Senior Pastor, it seemed right to the Holy Spirit, and us to say yes! I am humbled and excited to be in this role.

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God is doing something incredibly special in this faith community. And I am honored to continue to discover it with you! My first decision in this role was to offer Thomas a job. We know that Pulpit Rock does not just exist for itself, but it is for this city. Our flourishing is tied to the flourishing of Colorado Springs. He has agreed to split time for the next 12 months between those two roles. Practically what that means is he will still be around the office, he will continue to preach regularly, and he will help us develop some much-needed classes and strategies for spiritual formation.

It has softened some of my feelings of loss to know that Thomas and his family will still be a part of our faith community, and we will still be able to benefit from his leadership on a regular basis. In fact, he will be leading out on a sermon series through the Gospel of Mark starting in September. We have been blessed to have Thomas as our Senior Pastor, and we will continue to be blessed by his leadership in these roles. We would love to hear from you. Please reach out to the us at elders pulpitrock.

How Pastoral Care Stunts the Growth of Most Churches

I had the opportunity to spend hours with the ministry leaders from this church learning from them and caring for them. I was talking with one of these leaders, an amazingly talented woman named Belginesh about some recent violence that impacted this church. She said something stunning to me. The gospel is about how we treat each other. And no matter what changes, THAT is what we will pursue. We are a people who walk closely with Jesus and love deeply the people on earth and we do it together.

One of the most helpful truths we focus on at Pulpit Rock is the importance of listening. We now understand that God was calling me to realize my time as the senior pastor here has concluded, and that God was inviting me to broaden the ways I lead in our city outside of the local church. I know this might be a lot to take in. Let me tell you what it is not. This is not connected to any displeasure with the leadership or congregation of PRC, or any pressure from inside or outside. I just hear God saying that this season of my life is over and that He wants to do something new in and through me.

The more I continued to listen to God, the more it became clear that not only was I to hand off the baton, but that I was to hand it off to Jonathan Cleveland. That listening made perfect sense.

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Jonathan has led in this church for over 15 years. His heart is firmly rooted in the people of this place. And over the last few years, I have loved seeing him spread his leadership wings, through the pulpit, with our staff, and in some powerful projects. Without allowing our congregations to hear this essential testimony from the wisdom of Job, we fail to present them with the fullest-orbed picture of divine reality. Ecclesiastes In a frequently quoted taxonomy, Proverbs is understood to be Wisdom for when life is good, Job for when life is bad, and Ecclesiastes for when life no longer makes sense.

The narrator of Ecclesiastes, Qoheleth, portrays himself as a philosopher-king who has had every opportunity in life, and achieved every form of worldly success. In his vocation as sage, he has observed countless patterns in the created order, and mastered the rules of the game of life. He has lived long enough, however, to have seen plenty of exceptions to the rules.

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The blessings of God seem arbitrary. The righteous have their lives cut short, and the wicked live to a ripe old age We may toil all our lives, but when we die, someone else reaps what we have sown Worse yet, years of hard work may make us rich, but everything can be lost in a single business venture Qoheleth is frequently portrayed by Christian preachers as cynical and fatalistic. At times this is true, but at times he bursts forth with the clarity and urgency of one who has had a near-death experience.

And all that is done under the sun looks different under the specter of death. Life is to be enjoyed. According to Qoheleth, there is no better way to do this than to spend time around the table enjoying good food, good wine, and good conversation, and to take pleasure in the work God has given us to do Then they will stand in the assembly of the people and report what they have seen. Previous Article. Next Article. Preaching and Pastoral Leadership.

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