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Steeped inside moral ambiguity, she sought to cleanse her soul with the guidance of spiritual gurus and New Age prophets—to no avail. Only time in a federal prison made her face up to and understand her choices. It was there, at rock bottom, that she discovered that her real prison was the one she had unwittingly made inside herself and where she could start rebuilding a life of purpose and ethical pursuit.

Trafficking the Good Life

Her book is as much about being human in a hyper-materialistic society as it is about drug culture. Riveting and compelling, this is a must-read. Some victims are sold to many different traffickers. Over 32 billion dollars is made annually from human trafficking. Less than 40 billion dollars can end global poverty.

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Supporting the Food and Peace Reform Act in order to allow USAID funds to provide support for non-emergency assistance for foreign countries will impact the extreme poverty that leads victims into human trafficking. Combating hunger and food crises can provide a means to assist those facing extreme hunger while not disrupting their agricultural products or local economy. The Act does not interfere with the domestic production in the countries and is proactive means to help to end extreme poverty and hunger to prevent vulnerability to trafficking.

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She found them as a struggling dancer in Chicago. Then she met a charismatic man who seemed to have all the money in the world. He loved her; he supported her art. A girl's dream come true.

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She slowly fell into his life. She helped him run a multimillion dollar drug ring. She drove marijuana from the Mexican border, delivering tons at a time for distribution in Detroit and New York.

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In this autobiography, Ms. Myers strips herself naked. She exposes both the easy money and lavish life available to those in the drug trade, but also explores her multiple failed attempts to find spiritual peace--never recognizing that it was the dichotomy between her "work" as a drug distributor and her desire to be the "good girl" that made finding spiritual peace impossible. She had become a navel gazing, narcissistic, new age sycophant, with lots of money from the drug trade, endlessly worrying that she was not "fulfilled.

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When she ratted out her co-defendants, that feeling deepened. But, her time in prison forced her to confront that person, and to realize that even she did not like her very much. It takes a brave soul and talented writer to write an autobiography which leads the reader to dislike the author. Jennifer Myers deserves accolades for taking that risk, and succeeding. Her current work, trying to keep young people from making the choices she fell into so naturally, is a natural next step in her journey.

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Great story from a talented author. BUY this book!

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March 19, - Published on Amazon. Amazing story about about how seemingly simple decisons can lead down a very unexpected path.

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ANYone should be able to relate to how justifying one indiscretion turns into another. Jennifer Myers is a brave lady who made some terrible judgements and paid the price of getting caught. However, living this and surviving it lead her to her true self.