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    Episode 2. That is accurate. Laura voices kid trunks in KAI, but not Gotenks". Retrieved November 30, Retrieved January 26, Retrieved January 25, Retrieved February 6, Retrieved February 7, Retrieved December 15, Retrieved September 15, Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid. Episode 4. Retrieved April 25, Darlene added it Apr 02, Jane added it Apr 27, Tomeka added it May 01, Johan marked it as to-read May 06, Taata marked it as to-read May 06, Tee loves Kyle Jacobson marked it as to-read May 06, Christina marked it as to-read May 10, Mary Hernandez marked it as to-read May 19, Lauren marked it as to-read May 24, Maria Dalmau marked it as to-read Jun 06, Samantha marked it as to-read Jun 11, Dark Luna Rose marked it as to-read Jun 12, April marked it as to-read Jun 13, Mia marked it as to-read Jun 20, Ash marked it as to-read Jun 23, Shannon Blackwell-williams marked it as to-read Jul 10, Citlaly marked it as to-read Jul 24, D Thomas marked it as to-read Jul 30, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

    About Pet Torres. Pet Torres. Pet TorreS is a pseudonym created by the author with the initial letters of her first name and real surname. She is a young author that was born in in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Pet attended to Fashion Design College. But Pet started to write romances since she was ten, just in , she decided to follow in her career as self-author.

    When an escaped dragon rampages through town, her vampire boss and mentor, Jimmy, is murdered in the chaos that follows. And worse, security footage sets Morgan up to take the fall. In Realms Gate, the magical city hidden from the human world, the truth has a way of getting people killed, though. And the police from both Realms Gate and the Human world are on her tail. With her only allies being a brand-new vampire and a very old dragon shifter that she just met, the odds are stacked against her. Even if she figures out the truth, the trick will be to survive, and the only sure thing is that nothing will ever be the same.

    Magic Awakens - After surviving a dragon attack and clearing my name of murder, I hoped things would settle down. But I should have known that as soon as my dragon-blood heritage was exposed, nothing would ever be the same. The Mage Order wants my help to find some missing mages. And as for the sexy dragon-shifter, James? Of course, he gets sucked into an ancient feud and needs my help. Right after I owe him a debt. Magic Rising - Morgan can't catch a break. After saving the kidnapped dragon mages, Morgan and her friends are facing yet another problem.

    The dragon queen is awake and she only has one little goal: world domination. The situation keeps getting worse when they discover that in order for the dragon queen to gain her full power, the mages who were part of the ritual must either pledge fealty to her cause or die. Now, Morgan's not only fighting for her life, but she and her friends must work together to stop the dragon queen.

    Can they defeat the dragon queen before she ends them all?

    Valkyrie The Vampire Princess 3 : 5th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

    May 17, at pm. Chronicles of Midnight by Debbie Cassidy 1. Protector of Midnight - Some secrets refuse to remain buried The winged messiahs who rule the district beyond the pearly gates have given humanity a choice: live outside with the threat of being warped by magic, or petition for entry at the cost of their free will. Expand text… The deal sucks for others, but its fine by Serenity Harker, because outside no one can discover her secret hunger.

    Outside, Serenity can go on pretending she has control. But one slip is all it takes for her carefully crafted facade to unravel. Exiled to Midnight, the district of moonlight and monsters, her hunger finally has a name. Here Nephilim Protectorate are the only line of defence between humans and dangerous magic. The protectorate males want to help her fit in, but their terrifying, charismatic leader refuses to let her off the leash. The stakes are raised, and the nightmare begins. It looks like she may have to do the unthinkable. She may have to lose control. Champion of Midnight - When you hit rock bottom, the only way left is up.

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    The Sanguinata are taking liberties and using humans like personal blood bags, but the tip is in the fine print, and the humans signing on the dotted line may as well be serving themselves up like cartons of juice. Before she knows it, Harker has volunteered to compete in the House Games—a test of survival where lupin go up against sanguinata.

    The terms are simple: if she wins the humans go free. On top of preparing for the games, Harker must work her first active case. But the excitement of leading the investigation is soon tarnished by a heart breaking loss. Bereft and broken and left to pick up the pieces, Harker must resist the temptation to fall apart if she is to liberate the humans from Sanguinata clutches. As the house games approach, will Harker live up to her pledge as champion of humanity and give them back their free will, or will this fight prove to be her last? Secrets of Midnight - There's something new in Midnight, something hungry for the shadows, and Serenity Harker is about to get a taste of the unknown.

    Life in Midnight is anything but dull. Training a human unit to work alongside the MPD while keeping an eye on a new ghostly presence in the district, means Harker has her work cut out for her. Now the team must work against the clock to figure out the identity of their new enemy and learn how to stop them. Something ancient and powerful is about to make an entrance into Midnight, and Harker will be forced to make a choice that could damn them all. Shades of Midnight - Everyone knows that choices have consequences, and Harker is about to be landed with a bucket load of consequence.

    Finally free of their prison, the shades are eager for vengeance against all winged. As new players join the team, heartache and loss are par for the course. The reins are slipping and it will take a leap of faith to get them back, unfortunately faith may be something in short supply. Mehar Mah. Can you upload Savior of the midnight? Huey Ting. Do you have the 5th book - savior of midnight?

    May 19, at am. The 11th Percent Series by T.

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    Morris 1. The 11th Percent Jonah Rowe is sick and tired of his job as an accountant. An aspiring novelist, he is burnt out from the office gossip, politics and double talk.