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That is life and we can do nothing about it. Battle from outside are easier to be identified. But there are enemies and battles you never imagine they will come but they do. People whom you trust the most might one day lift his heel against you as David had lamented. Psalm There are also battles of the flesh, the evil nature of man. Battles of the heart, the greed, the hatred and the thoughts. Battles of the world, temptations, worldly values and pleasure seeking life style.

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We are constantly at wars and battles against the devil, the world and our corrupted nature. He gave order to Joshua to select some of the men to fight. Running away from challenge is the same as defeat. Plan and prepare to counter challenges is the best: the best defense is offence. Once you run, troubles and problems will follow you until you collapse and surrender.

The same is to face temptation and attack by Satan. We need to take the stand and fight back, and the devil will run. James God asked Moses to stand on the top of the hill and lift up his staff. As Moses did what God had told him, the Red Sea was parted and the people crossed over in dry land to the other side.

He will not allow His people to be defeated. In fighting battles of life, we need to lift God up, way up that everyone can see that God is with us.

He is our defender and deliverer. In Him there is no defeat.

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He had good people around him: Joshua, the general, Aaron and Hur, his faithful supporters. Joshua led the people fighting the battle while Aaron and Hur stood by Moses to lend him support when he needed. One of the worst ways in fighting the battles of life is fighting it all by yourself without help from good people. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

There will be times you will feel weak like Moses did.

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It is never shameful to ask and receive help from friends. Fighting the battle all by yourself and get defeated is. Lend them support, stand by them use whatever resource is available, such as a rock so Moses could sit, hold their hands and lift their heads high when they are feeling weak. Be a team to someone and win the battle.

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You will need God down the road. Never feel independent from God.

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Too often, people forget God after they have won a battle: a broken relationship was restored, recover from a serious sickness, found a long-waited job, turn around a failing business, etc. God is never an emergency rescue worker.

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It is our life long walk with God that brings Him into the picture of our battles. We need to witness to others what God has done in our lives, about His power, and His love, about His guiding hand and leadership. To confirm that a ticket is a winner, please have the ticket validated through a sales terminal at any Minnesota Lottery retailer. Winning every day for the rest of your life is even better. How to Play Prizes and Odds.

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  • Winning In Life Quotes (31 quotes).
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